Mobile Museum

The Race for Planet ‘X’

You have been transported into the future to a time when humankind is living and working in space. A new planet has been discovered at the remote edge of the galaxy revolving around a distant sun. Scientists have dubbed it Planet ‘X’. Little is known about this planet so you and other crew members have been dispatched to gather information.

This exciting experience is a “museum on wheels” with nine interactive exhibits designed to engage visitors in engineering skills. Students will execute assignments on computer aided design, aerodynamic testing and laser beam splitting to gather information about Planet ‘X’. Pre-trip and post-trip programs and videos for school groups reinforce engineering skills and scientific concepts. All exhibits and lessons have been aligned to the Arkansas Science Education Frameworks.

We Can Roll to Your School
The mobile museum is available to 6th grade classes in schools across the state of Arkansas. To learn how to bring it to your school, please email The mobile museum is also available for other events and venues when not scheduled for school visits. If you or your organization would like to participate in sustaining this valuable science education experience, please contact Kathleen Lawson at for sponsorship information.

Pre-Visit Activites

Bouncing Light

Building an Aerodynamic Vehicle

Building a Helicopter

Shapes of Structures

What’s Inside the Mobile Museum?

The mobile museum has exciting science based stations on board the bus.
Click on any station to learn more.

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Race for Planet X

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