Who We Are

The Arkansas Discovery Network, a statewide program of the Museum of Discovery, was initiated in 2006 with funding from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation. More than $14,000,000 has been awarded from the Reynolds Foundation and other donors over the years to support the goal of making hands-on, interactive STEM learning more accessible to the state’s school children and their families. The Network provides high-quality professional development and training opportunities to its members’ educational staff. Essentially, the Discovery Network is the way in which the Museum of Discovery supports other educational entities in their efforts to bring quality STEM education to its learners.

The Network’s member organizations are located strategically throughout Arkansas to extend outreach to all areas. Network members support each other by sharing operational strategies, collaborating with teachers and expanding educational programs. Network members include:



Each of the partners, together, is dedicated to providing the highest quality educational experience to the children, families, and teachers of Arkansas. This is accomplished, in part, through a mobile museum vehicle, engaging interactive custom and rental exhibits, ongoing contact with advisory groups, teacher workshops, mobile making/tinkering kits, and networking with other museums, libraries and community centers in the state and throughout the country. All these efforts will contribute to a unique synergy of systems that cannot fail to improve the quality educational experiences in Arkansas.

The Network continues to see expansion across the state and expects to have more than 20 members across the state by January 2018.

Learn more about the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation: http://www.dwrf.org/